Support Artsakh Veterans and Waraffected Women

We believe that 8000 veterans of Artsakh war, families of victims and 66000 displaced people must be confident that they have a next mission, a future worth looking forward to. We realize that the path of return to routine life looks complicated and we will pass this journey together, with dignity and justice. We plan to put in motion a synergy of 3 steps of rehabilitation and integration for up to 300 people, including psychological recovery, vocational education and recruiting in job market.


Most of 18-20 year old soldiers, 1000s voluntarily joining the army returned from war with physical and psychological issues. Some of them didn’t manage to seek post-secondary education and some have a profession but are not able to work due to health issues. Many women lost the breadwinner or have people with disabilities in the family; or lost both breadwinner and homes. They became sole providers for families. Majority lacks opportunity, motivation or capacity to seek independent income.

– Supporting building mental health resilience by ensuring access to high quality professional services for Artsakh war veterans and women affected by war – Providing practical skills by organizing capacity-building training courses focused on enhancing entrepreneurial skills, empowering independent income generating and (self)employment opportunities – Finding employment partnering with public and private entities – Providing with necessary educational materials, facilities, equipment

Long-Term Impact
In the current situation, empowerment and capacity building of the veterans and women affected by the war is essential to promote sustainable living conditions and set grounds for healthy society. Moreover, it will also serve as the cornerstone for sustainable development of the community, ensuring that the families to become self-sufficient and better integrate into the new situation.