“Article 3” Club

Start date: 2016

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“Article 3” Club is a unique platform based on the principles of human rights, equality, and equity, and other democratic values. It is aimed at raising awareness on different issues of public concern and promoting development by serving as a bridge between civil society, youth, policymakers, and public figures.

“The human being is the ultimate value in the Republic of Armenia. The dignity of a person is the inalienable basis of his/her fundamental human rights and freedoms.”

Article 3, Constitution of RA

The main goals of  the “Article 3” Human Rights Club are:

The main principles of the “Article 3” Human Rights Club are:

CREATING A PLATFORM for representatives of civil society, youth, media, policymakers, and public figures


PROMOTING the development of civil consciousness, rule of law, the culture of debates, and discussions


RAISING AWARENESS on different issues of public concern and creating an environment for interdisciplinary discussions on them


SERVING as an alternative education hub.


Freedom of Speech



Equity and Equality





“Article 3” club’s guests get an opportunity to take part and/or organize different events, such as non-formal and formal meetings, discussions, debates, training courses, seminars, press conferences, film screenings, exhibitions, and other informative and/or educational events. They can also spend time in the Club and use their space to develop their personal and professional capacities.

The rental cost for an event of up to 3 hours is 10.000 AMD.

From 3 hours to 1 full day: 20.000 AMD.

There are special offers for recurring events․


We will contact you for accepting and/or refusing the event.