Women empowerment project

Women who were injured, displaced, and lost relatives due to the war are facing the problem of learning a new profession and finding a job. We give them new opportunities to look ahead to the future. “For Equal Rights” Educational Center NGO, with the support of our compatriots in Armenia and the Diaspora, has implemented a special program to support the development of the professional capacities of women affected by the war. 

Thanks to the courses, the first participants of the program have already received training in the professions of hairdressing, cosmetology, floristry, pastry making, design, and accounting, which are professions that are in great demand in the Armenian and Artsakh job markets. At the end of the course, we provided them with the necessary work tools with the support of the project’s beneficiaries.

Through our women’s empowerment programs, we want to create an environment where the dignity and rights of every woman are respected.