“Human Being is an Ultimate Value” documenting the war to take Ավելին
(Հայերեն) Տեսաշար․ մարզային հանդիպումներ երիտասարդների հետ
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(Հայերեն) Հանդիպում Տավուշի մարզի երիտասարդների հետ

Sorry, this entry is only available in Armenian. Ավելին
(Հայերեն) Հանդիպում Գեղարքունիքի մարզի երիտասարդների հետ
Sorry, this entry is only available in Armenian. Ավելին

(Հայերեն) Ամփոփեցինք «Հոդված 3» ճամբար 2020-ի արդյունքում իրականացված ծրագրերը

Sorry, this entry is only available in Armenian. Ավելին

We believe that the dignified and legally conscious individual is the guarantee of a healthy society and we are working for promoting that.

  • All the people are born free and equal with their rights and dignity.
  • The human being and his/her dignity are ultimate values.
  • Everyone has the freedom of expressing his/her opinion while refraining from offending someone’s dignity and reputation.


To PROMOTE the development of civic consciousness, enhancing values based on rule of law, creation of a culture of discussions and debates by enlarging the opportunities of freedom of speech and pluralism

To STIMULATE youth and CSO participation in social and political affairs, increase their influence on the decision-making process, and raise the accountability of the public institutions

To CREATE an alternative dialogue platform for meetings, discussions, and debates for representatives of civil society, youth, academia, and the field of culture, media, policymakers, and public figures

To RAISE issues of public concern and create a new field for comprehensive discussions on these issues

To BUILD the capacity of youth, civic activist groups, and media representatives and promote the development of legally conscious and demanding civil society


Gayane Abrahamyan

"For Equal Rights" Educational center NGO Founder

Gohar Abrahamyan

"For Equal Rights" Educational center NGO Co-founder, Project Manager

Satenik Baghdasaryan

"For Equal Rights" Educational center NGO President

Arshaluis Mghdesyan

"Article 3" Club Media Projects Coordinator

Anushik Rshtuni (Mkrtchyan)

"Article3" Camp Coordinator

Meline Gevorgyan

"Reform" Debate Club Coordinator

Arthur Zakare Harutyunian

Communications Specialist & Project Manager

Elen Mkrtchyan

"Article 3" Club Cordinator

Narine Aslanyan







Open Society Foundation - Armenia
Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
European Union in Armenia
UN in Armenia
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)
Ministry of Environment of Republik of Armenia


Armenian Progressive Youth  APY
RESTART Student-Civic Initiative Needs Your Help
Human rights research center
Civilnet TV
Factor TV
AEGEE Yerevan
OxYGen Foundation
Social Justice NGO
Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly-Vanadzor
Asparez News-Analytical Agency
Helsinki Committee of Armenia
Women Support Center
WRC Armenia
Union of Informed Citizens
Pink Armenia
Boon TV
World Vision Armenia
Coalition to Stop Violence against Women
Havasar Coalition
Women in Black Armenia Initiative
Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets
Civic education initiative
Women's Rights Center
Transparency International Anticorruption Center
Human Rights House
Jinishian Memorial Foundation (JMF)
Human Rights Defender Of The Republic Of Armenia
Save the Children