Article3 "Article 3" Club

“The human being is an ultimate value in the Republic of Armenia. The dignity of a person is the inalienable basis of his/her fundamental human rights and freedoms.”

Article 3, Constitution of RA

The main goals of “Article 3” Human Rights Club are:

  • CREATING A PLATFORM for representatives of civil society, youth, media, policy makers and public figures.
  • PROMOTING the development of civil consciousness, rule of law, culture of debates and discussions.
  • RAISING AWARENESS on different issues of public concern and creating an environment for interdisciplinary discussions on them,
  • SERVING as an alternative education hub.

Our main principles are:

  • Freedom of speech,
  • Equity and equality,
  • Pluralism.

The Members of the Club have a chance:

  • To take part in events, such as non-formal and formal meetings, discussions, debates, training courses, seminars, press conferences, film screenings, exhibitions and other informative and/or educational events.
  • To organize different events as discussions, debates, trainings, film screenings, exhibitions, etc.
  • To use indoor and outdoor cafe spaces, while developing their personal and professional capacities,
  • To “borrow” the space and equipment during their events (projector, screen, laptop, etc.),
  • To enjoy free supplies of water, tea, coffee, cookies, Wi-Fi Internet, 5 pages printout, kitchen facilities (self service), etc..

If you want to become a member , organize events or have any questions contact us.

Working hours: 10։00-19։00